I've been working on commissions all week and it's been fantastic! Next week is going to be just as busy as I have another Twitch commission lined up and I can't wait to dive into it. Designing really gets me going.

Trying out a new setup for the Unboxing videos too. Different angle, different camera, etc. This will need a little touching up but I like where it's headed. Also need to make sure my snowball can reach where I'm sitting because the audio on this was less than what I expected. But alas, trial and error. So here's the video for July 2016 Futuristic Loot Crate

Also headed out to Jersey tonight to hang out with @thegovna @ErinM @CSneedse! Should be a fun weekend away from the city. Hype hype hype. Also Drunk PokeCrawl at the beach? I think so!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and exciting weekend! Stay Safe! <3