Hey ya'll,

So it has occurred to me that I never made a journal or really any definitive piece of legislative writing since our run of Minimations ended last month. I've said some things about it here and there on reddit, YT comments, mentioned in a video or two and I even got pretty good at reciting my pre-rehearsed speel to everyone I talked to at RTX. Is that what a politician feels like? Well now I'm just thinking about Hillary Clinton getting up on the debate stage and explaining why she doesn't make partially animated videos of her idols humping the air and blowing each other. Welp, this digressed fast. As I was saying:

Straight Outta RT ended with last month's episode, and I'm going to try not to re-hash my thoughts on that again. While when I first got the news I was sad, (no shit. good detailed adjectives, Austin) the series coming to an end has lifted a load from my shoulders that at times could be... heavy? (fuck, I'm not good at words) The bottom line is that I'd sometimes find myself ripping my hair out at 3 am, meticulously scanning podcasts at 1.5x speed trying to find something--anything that we could possibly animate in GTA that wasn't already an RTAA the night before we had to send the audio in for approval. (Shout out to PickleWeevil's RTP highlight videos, they were a HUGE help!)

Part of the reason for this was that SoRT was designed specifically for RT content, not AH/FH/etc.. and that while we did a few episodes from Let's Plays/Off Topic, it was steered more toward straight up RT (I mean, that's kinda the name...) Not to say that I disagree with that. They brought us on to create that content and we were fully prepared to continue down that road, but with it's cancellation, it's opened so many doors to things in the extended RT family and beyond.

That's what this first 'season 2' episode of RTMA is: Opening that door to see what we can do and where it can go. I've always liked the episodes where the audio is basically just dialogue in a narrative rather than a retelling of a story (see Slender Joel, Organ Trail) and that's exactly what this episode is. It's taking the first AH heist, a video which I still go back to watch every few weeks, and putting it in it's own universe. This was an idea that we had back before SoRT was even a blip on the radar and it kept getting pushed back until we had access to the R* Editor, and the aforementioned only RT-related stories stopped us from pitching it for Minimations. There's that common phrase you'll hear Hollywood big-wigs say: "You do one for the fans, and you do one for yourself," and while I'm nowhere near arrogant enough to compare myself to anyone who refers to 'fans' as anything other than cooling appliances, this episode was 100% for me. I've always wanted to see this iconic moment in a cinematic, just fucking badass action movie style (there you go, better adjectives!) and so we made it. I hope you enjoy.

As for the future, like I said, because we're not limited to RT only related things anymore, you can expect a lot of more 'normal' episodes including things from AH, FH or other members of the Let's Play family. (although we still have one more 'out there' idea involving On the Spot that I want to see happen). I'd even like to move on outside of Rooster Teeth. I've heard Shane mention Game Grumps, and I personally would love to do one from Painkiller Already or Jake and Amir's 'If I Were You' Show (which don't have much overlap with RT as I've come to realize). Or even moving on to games other than GTA. We'll just have to see where the wind takes us. If you have any suggestions, feel free to message me about them, I always love reading what people what to see machinimated.

And lastly, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who watched, liked, commented, subscribed, etc.-ed SoRT, the old RTMA and especially this new episode (including whoever posted it to reddit while I'm in the middle of this long-winded journal and stealing all my internet points!). It really means a lot that people have come back, and that people enjoy what I've made.


Well, you have a point, all-caps version of myself. I think I'll just end it there.