Who's been playing Pokemon Go? Just about everyone, right? I've been jogging every morning, going on trips to places, and catching up with friends to play Pokemon. As I've been going up levels I've been noticing it get harder, but hey that's normal game mechanics. Never the less, it was infuriating when I would throw ball after ball after ball, and miss. I wasn't this bad a few days ago. On the flip side, it's sadistically funny to see my brothers have the same problem, and means I'm not the only one.

Anyway, Honors has been so hectic that I haven't been able to make any objects to 3D print. But I've been on break between semesters, so I took the opportunity to make a device that could improve my Pokeball aiming. I made a test model, discovered it actually helped, and two iterations later I had this final design.


I uploaded it to three 3D printing design shairing websites: Thingiverse, Pinshape, and MyMiniFactory; and shared the links to some Facebook groups. The initial responses to it were pretty negative, which was shocking because I've never experienced the internet hatred directed at me (I screenshot my favourite ones though). But not all the comments were bad, the posts received a lot of likes, and my amazing girlfriend @heidisapirate was very supportive.

Next morning I had a message form MyMiniFactory, saying they'd forwarded the design to someone at Gizmodo. The next thing I know, there are derivative news articles popping up everywhere, and my design is being seen all over the web. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I THINK I'VE GONE VIRAL...

So that's pretty crazy...

Now my devices are full of notifications, and my brand new Etsy shop is doing crazy well. I'm also designing Pokeball Aimers to fit other phones, and boy are there a lot of requests.

Over all I am shocked, excited, want to hide in bed, and tell everyone what's happened.

Also, I couldn't possibly run the shop without the help of my lovely girlfriend. Shout out to her <3