I was in Austin this time last month, crazy how quick it went by. I went for RTX, maybe you heard of it, kind of a big deal in some circles. I had a pretty good RTX as a Freelancer Guardian(again), I arrived the Monday before, and I stayed down in Austin for 3 whole weeks.

Stayed pretty close to the convention center from the Wednesday to Wednesday before and after RTX was a really nice place we stayed at, but I have to give the biggest of thankyous to @Retalora @glaberge @Hazerblade and @Warpek for letting me stay at their places before and after RTX. And putting up with me for all that time, seriously can't thank them enough. And all the driving around, and all the food, also shoutout to @Newbs those poppers where crazy good. (I would have legitimately eaten them all :'P if you hadn't told me not too). It was lovely meeting a tonne of new people, and seeing everyone again, I now have a lot more people I'm gonna miss for an entire year now.

I gave out wood again at RTX. I may be known as the wood guy to some people. Which is fine, I guess. I gave out 90 this year. Well technically 87, posted one and theres another 2 currently in Arkansas... but you know still pretty good. I believe there is over 200 of those RTX wood keychains out there now. Which is crazy. Huge thankyou to the people that actually commissioned them this year, super appreciated, and all the thankyous you're all the best, I spent most of it on donuts :') I hope you're all proud. Everyone on Twitch is super nice and supportive and great people. I've had a lot of fun on Twitch burning wood on there the past couple of months.

My TRIP was a pretty chill time, just relaxing and eating food really, didn't do a tonne, but that was the plan mostly, and it went mostly how I wanted. But then POKEMON GO came out, and I was in Austin, and there were Pokemon everywhere, I may have spent some money... and then bought some more internet... and spent more money... and then more internet... and spent more money. Pokemon ended up taking a lot of my time(and money) that last week I was in Austin. And then there was teams, and I was the only one on Team Valor left in Austin. Mystics... Mystics everywhere. And @ImperialBlues reppin Instinct.

Other stuff... not a whole lot is happening with me, back to work, back working deliveries. I've had my vacation time, so now its everyone else having vacations, I'm pretty busy for most of the next 2 months just covering for other people on what would have been my days off, as well as my regular 5 days a week. Still wanting to eventually not work for my dad, but money.. and I don't have any other job lined up... that would require me to actually look for another job.

FYI, deliveries is really good for hatching eggs. But these methods also probably work.