Last night was amazing and so much fun! Thanks to Rooster Teeth & Tugg, I was able to go watch RWBY Volume 2 in theaters. Watching RWBY (vol.1 &2) on the big screen is a whole other (awesome) experience. I got to not only see my favorite series, but also saw it with people I recognize from the Vol. 1 screening. It really was an experience I will cherish and I can not wait to watch Volume 3 (that will be a roller coaster of emotions) the same way! I just want to thank all at Rooster Teeth and Tugg who helped make these screenings happen! And to Gray, Miles, Kerry, Lindsay, Kara, Arryn, Barbara & the entire RWBY cast and crew, thank YOU! Y'all help bring one of my favorite series to life! I seriously can not wait for Volume 4 (as well!) <3