*knocks down imaginary door* HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS, DAY 5!

That has been my reaction with each episode of Day 5 that has come out til now. Today is the (season one [wanting another season, by the way]) finale of Day 5. The show has captivated me from the start and hasn't disappointed me. Josh, Chris, Aaron & the Day 5 crew have made one of if not the best productions I've seen come out of RT. Every thing about the show has been top notch. Love the story they have told through each episode. The directing from Josh, Chris and Aaron were phenomenal! And the entire cast have done a phenomenal job.

The cast; the cast has has been the biggest thing I love about Day 5. Each and every single character felt just as important to the story as Ally, Ellis, Jake, & Sam. Flip (Barbara Dunkelman) is one of those characters. She may not have a lot of screen time, but her entire scene with Jake in Episode 2 has been one of my favorite scenes & her "You're wanted in Slumberland little Nemo. Run along, the princess is crying for you" line stood out to me. All credit to Barbara for her phenomenal job as the Goddess of Slumberland (you absolutely killed it!)! It was so amazing seeing actors/actresses I've seen in lighthearted/fun roles completely nail a more serious role (looking at you, Barbara, Jen Brown, & Joel ;]).

So to Josh, Chris, Aaron, Jesse, Walker, Davi, Stephanie, Lee Eddy, Shannon McCormick, Barbara, Alisha, Katie F., Caiti, Jen Brown, Joel Heyman, Burnie, Matt Hullum & the rest of the Day 5 cast & crew: thank YOU for a phenomenal season of Day 5. I can't wait to watch the finale & I would love to see another season of it!