for selling t-shirt designs!

I've put up the CMYK BB-8 design on Teepublic

and for the next 2 days and 23 hours it's going to be $14. After that I believe the price jumps up to $20.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Suicide Squad and I'm hyped! I don't really give a shit what the reviews have been so far, I'm going to experience it for myself and that's that.

Also finished Harry Potter and The Cursed Child last night! There seems to be a lot of bitching and moaning about it (it's the internet, go figure right?) but I enjoyed it. Nice quick little read and I think it was an interesting glance into what the HP world was like post book 7.

How are your weeks going? Got anything fun planned for the weekend? Go do something that makes you smile. More action less blah blah blah. Shoo. Go away now. This journal is done.