Yesterday @HeyJambi and I went to go see Suicide Squad at a local theater.

and we both really enjoyed the movie. There are definitely some parts that aren't amazing and mind blowing, but I believe it holds up nicely. Then again I went into it not expecting anything or demanding anything of the movie, so there was less to be disappointed about. That's all I'll say about it as it's still a new movie.

Afterwards we went to grab drinks and chips at the Chillis that is right by the theater. 2 for 1 beers and bottomless chips? Yes sign us up! We were the for another 2-3 hours just shooting the shit and discussing the movie and after a while I suggest we go see another movie. We had nothing planned anyway. So back to the theater we went for Secret Life of Pets.


I loved it. Definitely had me laughing for most of the movie and it was just incredibly adorable. If you like cute movies I highly recommend it, especially if you're a pet owner!

Now today is a work day. I will be reading Batman: HUSH on my lunch break. Pretty excited to get into more graphic novels. I want to read more about The Joker and Harley Quinn. I find both of their characters very interesting. Normal people bore me, the psychotic, twisted, broken personalities are definitely more entertaining to read about. Oh and I finished The Walking Dead season 1 on stream on Friday! That was fantastic! Much better than I had expected. Anyway, that has been my weekend.

Tomorrow I'm trying Malaysian food for the first time, hyped for that. As I should be, anyone who doesn't get excited for food does not have their priorities straight.