Hello. Hello! HELLO!

Guess what? We have a community game night this Friday! But not only is it a community game night, but an intercommunity game night with our good friends at RT Newfoundland. For those of you who don't know where that is- Canada. We're playing with the amazing Canadians. We'll be hosting this game night on both Xbox One and PC so pick your poison, meet us online, and find more details here:


Not only that, but the following day we have our next installment of Drunk Gaming. Grab a LOT of booze and meet us online for some great (and drunken) video game fun.


Then for RT Community Day we have another game night with RTCA, RTSTL, and Matt from BIGBITE. There's going to be lots of people, and a chance to make some new friends. So be sure to stop by and play your favorite games with the best people on the Internet!


September is just full of events as we roll into our big meet up for the month that month. Join us on the 17th at Dave & Buster's off I-Drive for fun, food, games, and prizes. We'll meet in the front area, grab some food, then hit up some games for a good time. Let's see how many people we can fit inside a photo boot again. Think we'll beat 11? Let's try! More details here:


Don't think we forgot about you, lovely people of South Florida. Join the RWBY Cosplayers of South East Florida for a night of Super Smash Bros and fun!


Find us in other places on the web:


As always, have fun, stay safe, and we'll see you around the Internet!

The RT Florida Crew