How's everyone doing this fine Monday?

This past Saturday we had our big meet up of the month at Dave & Buster's and it was a blast! We had some fun, got some good videos, had some laughs, saw an a guys who was unbelievably good at Dance Dance Revolution. Seriously, it doesn't seem physically possible. Not to mention the group photo we manage to snap. You can see the progression of laughter as Victoria was hit with the Nerf dart.


We also ask that if you did attend this event, you would take a moment to fill out our survey to tell us what you thought. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Were you sucked into an endless void of nothingness? Let us know here:

Our next event is in South Florida with a Smash Bros and CAH night. You can join Steven and the rest of the RWBY Cosplayers for some fun! Event starts at 4 pm this Friday and you can see more details here:

Then the following Friday, we have another game night this upcoming Friday with RT Illinois where we will be playing some Halo 5! It starts online at 9 pm. Be sure to message ThatsHowUFRolls on Xbox if you want to join up! More details here:

And of course, don't forget about the Let's Play Live in theaters. If you don't have the money to fly to New York, but a hotel, AND buy an event ticket, then you can just settle for a $20 theater ticket to watch it broadcast live! You can see our previous post here for more information and theaters located in Florida:

Following that are the RWBY Volume 3 Tugg Events on October 19th. We have Facebook events to help people who are planning meet ups, or just to find others who are going to there location. Please be sure to stay tuned as we will be providing more information on extra events for these closer to the event.




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