So the idea of a podcast has been thrown around in Let's Play community channel chats for as long as I've been active in them, and well, we finally decided to get off our lazy asses and make one. It's good to note that we are not at all affiliated with the LPC with the podcast. We just all met there and make content for the channel.

Usually for these "Introducing..." posts I like to be more detailed and actually think out what I write before writing it, but everything kind of came together so fast I'm multi-tasking writing this along with setting up a Facebook page/Twitter. So I'll leave you with this: It's good. Watch it if you have a spare hour and want to hear 4 dudes talk about dicks and making community videos.

The first episode features myself, @PhoenixFilms @SomeoneNamedGem and @TehDarkrai (who I don't know by site name, so I think that's just a dead link, lol)