Usually, developers are less than happy to see freeloading pirates downloading their game. They see it as theft. After all, those pirates are enjoying the fruits of their labors without dropping a dime in support of those labors.

However, one indie developer is taking another approach.

Since the PS Vita was hacked to run a range of unofficial software, pirates have been having a heyday. One of the games that's been seeing a lot of activity is a music title called Superbeat Xonic.

When the developers discovered the game being shared, PM Studios sent pirates an unusually friendly message:

"Hello everybody!
We feel honoured that you enjoy our game SUPERBEAT XONiC so much, we would like to invite you to take this opportunity to purchase it on sale at the Playstation Store. You can enjoy the original game and show support to the team for just $15.99 (60% off), no Playstation Plus required! 
Have a nice day!"

No word yet on whether they've converted any pirates into paying customers, but they're one of few developers who put a positive spin on the issue of piracy.