When I got on the RT site to check on my notifications, I was surprised to find that another big change hit this place again. Much more sooner compared to the last one too.  scream

As to how I feel about it: I like the visual appearance of it and the fact they changed the color composition each time you visit either Rooterteeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, etc tabs. It seems to make it feel unique in some way. Not entirely sure how others might find it, but I am having no issues with the changes so far. Guess I won't know until later down the road perhaps.

Anyways that's about all I got for now. Hope you all are doing alright out there and having an awesome week so far as we're getting close to Weekend again.  heart

P. S. We are very close to the premiere of RWBY Volume 4! The hype is very really and fast approaching. 

ruby jaune nora ren