Tomorrow morning I kick off the Majora's Mask marathon! If you need a recap, you can check out my latest post on my website for all the details. If you just want to know about the stream, keep reading! 


Look at all that awesome swag! Due to shipping requirements, a few prizes will only be available to US entrants. Sorry! We've got:

- Bundle of any three prints from our Etsy shop

- N7 backpack with an adorable Volus plushie

- Official Game of Thrones coloring book

- Woodburned boxes with the Hylian Crest and Mass Effect Paragon and Renegade symbols

- Symphony of the Goddesses poster signed by the conductor and arranger

- 4"x4" canvas painting of a character of your choice (pictured canvas was a test before a previous project, shown as an example)

- Complete set of RTX2014 Superfight cards

- Alduin statue from Skyrim Special Edition bundle

Huge thanks to @Desayjin (GoT coloring book, poster, Alduin) and @MrWartburg (woodburnings) for donating prizes! You guys are da bomb  two_hearts

We're doing this a la GDQ with each item being available for a set length of time, with donations received during that time entering you into the drawing for that prize (every increment of $5 is one entry), Winners will be drawn shortly after the conclusion of each window. You don't have to be present to win; I will contact you to get your info within a few days of the stream if you're the lucky one! 





Want to get your hands on one of these fine prizes? Here's the tentative schedule of when everything will be on the donation block! Times may shift depending on the pace of the game. All times in Eastern.

* 10AM - 12PM: Etsy prints

* 12PM - 2PM: Legend of Zelda woodburned box (US only)

* 2PM - 4PM: Game of Thrones coloring book

* 4PM - 7PM: RTX2014 Superfight card set

* 7PM - 9PM: Renegade woodburned box (US only)

* 9PM - 12AM: Alduin statue (US only)

* 12AM - 2AM: Signed Symphony of the Goddesses poster

* 2AM - 4AM: Paragon woodburned box (US only)

* 4AM - 6AM: Character painting canvas

* 6AM - 8AM: N7 backpack/plushie bundle

If you donated at all earlier this month, please let me know what raffle block you want your donation applied to! 

Looking forward to this epic stream. Hopefully see you in the chat  smile