After finishing the premiere of Volume 4, I really only have one word for it: Beautiful. The animation, the style/look, the sound/music, & the story telling are all beautifully done! The wait was definitely worth it for me, as I could not stop smiling, start to finish. I can not wait to get re-immersed back into the world of Remnant, a world I love so much. 

I absolutely love the new/updated look to Volume 4. Each Volume of RWBY looks better/more beautiful then the last. While watching episode one, I had to glance around the screen taking in all of what was on it. Everything from characters to the world looks incredible! And the sound/music is a beautiful compliment to it. I couldn't help but sing along in my head to the instrumentals. Also Casey and Jeff Williams created another fantastic opening song for Volume 4! I'll probably have that on repeat. While I'm on the opening/intro, can I just say that is amazing/beautiful as well? Definitely is my favorite opening animation. The team kicked so much ass on it!

To Miles, Kerry, Gray, Koen, and all of CRWBY: thank you. Thank you all for your hard work on such a beautiful and fantastic show! I, for one, am so excited to go on the journey that is RWBY Volume 4. Love you CRWBY! <3