In exactly a week (okay so I'm off by 32 minutes because of how long I took to type this) I'm going in for my surgery. I just did my pre-op testing this morning, which was kind of nifty because I've never gotten an x-ray before (unless you really want to count the dentist) and it was cool to see the images of my chest. bow chicka bow wow

I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported the marathon this weekend. At just over 24 hours I managed to whip the final boss into nothingness with the Fierce Deity Mask, which considering this was a "casual" playthrough and I had breaks throughout is a time I'm pretty proud of! Whether you watched a little, watched a lot, hosted, tweeted, donated, or anything in between, you have no idea how much I appreciate you. We managed to meet my goal not even halfway through the marathon, and went above and beyond to nearly $5600. This blows my mind. This is means that as long as there are no surprises with the procedure, I can actually take the full recovery period I'm supposed to and not rush back to working too quickly to try to be ready to pay the bills that come in and risk doing damage to myself. You literally cannot put a price on that piece of mind.

The running joke was the stretch goal would be a @LoLink calendar if it went to $5k...pretty sure he has to do it now.

The second part of my video series is up, and the third part (which will be the last pre-op one) is currently being edited. I've started getting a good backlog of videos that can be released while I'm out of commission as well, so hopefully you guys won't get too bored  smile Tonight and tomorrow's streams will be me finishing Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, because I'll be damned if we're waiting a month to see that through.

And away we go!