Game Day is THIS SATURDAY, November 5th!! Rooster Teeth will be hosting 25 communities on their front page and ROOSTER TEETH VERMONT WILL BE FEATURED FROM 3 AM EST - 4 AM EST. Please tune in to show your support for your local community and the UVM Children's Hospital!!

While we have finalized on-stream community members, there are still ways to participate and contribute off-stream! First, if you haven't already signed up for Extra Life join our team, part of the Rooster Teeth Super Team, here: www.extra-life.org/team/RoosterTeethVermont

Second, we will be having an On The Spot skit. What we need from you are prompts! Suggest a couple prompts for the below game and give us your twitter handle or RT username to give credit.

Cunning Linguistics: Go to urbandictionary.com and find a word or phrase for players to guess a definition for.

Sync About It: Finish the sentence: How to...?

Quick Thinking: Come up with a category for the players to list off possible answers for (i.e. Things not to say after someone says "I love you" for the first time.)

Finally, we will be playing online games or games that allow audience participation. Check our Twitter and Facebook periodically (or watch us!!) and jump into our games!


None this week due to Extra Life, thanks for your understanding!
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