Some of you are wondering why this post is going up so ungodly early. It’s because I was fortunate enough to get a morning surgery time which means I don’t have to go hungry all day, but it also means I have to report at like 7AM to get prepped. Considering I’m going to be sleeping for most of today anyways, it all balances out I think.

In theory I will be on my way home again in just a few hours, sans a uterus and some tubes. LoLink will be controlling my Twitter to keep everyone updated. As I start to fully wake up later in the day I’ll probably also tweet ridiculous things, soooo you’ve been warned.

A massive thanks to @kriss for the lovely video she put together, and to each and every person who contributed. You made me cry like a bitch, and gave me all the warm and fuzzies.

Part 3 of the Cancer Sux vlog series is also out this morning. Usually I’d release it later in the day, but I wanted to make sure it got posted here for you guys who don’t follow me on Twitter.

Thank you guys for all the love and support! See you soon  purple_heart