@ninjaspectre tagged me to do this, and I've been a bit quiet on here lately, so let's take a crack at it. 


Username: Raf

From: Queens, NYC

Sponsor: ShimmySham Gaming

Date Joined: 12/19/11

Last Signed in: Always

Rooster Teeth Content:  

First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Red VS Blue Episode 1, I think.

Last Podcast you watched: It's been a while, with my schedule I haven't watched anything really as of late. 

Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Tom Lusardi, super chill dude and always a pleasure to talk graphics with him. 

Did you watch a RT video today: Nope, not today! 

Favorite RT Series: Red vs Blue

Favorite RT video: Probably something from RVB or one of the first Let's Play Minecrafts

RT Site:  

Current Number Of Notifications: 37 Xd my bad...been awful at rolling through these lately. 

Name of first Journal: Trying to scroll back and I can't find my first journal -_-

Name of you latest Journal: Monday Motivation! 

Last Photo you uploaded: My profile pic.

Last Thread you commented on: Most likely in the Guardian group.

First group in your group list: Artists Assemble! 

Last Private message sent to: Gratfinn

Achievement Hunter:  

Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: 31,590 Gamer Score / 353 Trophies

Team Lads or Team Gents: Team Gents

Favorite Achievement Hunter: Most likely either Ryan or Geoff. 

Minecraft Skin: Oh god, I think I was a Polar Bear last time I played?

Favorite AH show: Funhaus

The Community 

Favorite Group: The Guardians and Spread The Love 

Have you gone to a community event: Yup! RTX 2013-2016 and a RTNY meet up!

These past three weeks have been crazy busy for me. I've dropped out of the streaming game because I wasn't sure how my new work schedule would be like with the new job. With advertising, sometimes you have to stay longer than the normal 9-6, it just happens. These last two weeks my team and I were working on launching a site (I work for a pharmaceutical ad agency) for a new birth control drug. The latest we stayed at the office one night was 3:15 am, and that's after a whole day of work. I'm not complaining though, it's been amazing thus far even if I do have to pull some extra hours sometimes. 

On the other hand though, I've been mentally fatigued and that causes me to be a little quiet. Well that and the winter season, so it's a mixture of both. I'm actually glad I've had work to keep me busy as I don't like sitting around idly. Gotta stay in motion. I'm hoping that after this semester dies down, I'll be able to figure out exactly how to continue doing streams. It was a great way for me to sit down and actually game even if it was a for a couple of hours and I know that the games I've bought aren't just a waste at that point and are being played.

Speaking of games I recently started playing Doom after being nose deep in Destiny for a bit, which is quite surprising due to my previous stance on it. Rise of Iron was the tits, I'll leave it at that. Doom has been hella fun. I may have to take the rest of the day to just sit and grind that since I have the day off...which kind of feels like hitting a brick wall after being so busy all week. Hence why I need to do something or otherwise I'll lose my mind. Hahaha. But hey, just wanted to say I'm alive and I miss you guys. Hope you're all doing well.