So its now 1:20am on the 7th of november and the Extra life stream i did is long over.

so how'd my first charity stream, and first 24 hour stream go? well it could have been much better but over all it went better than expected... thats the short version... now for the long version.

the stream started at 12 noon on saturday, starting off playing Rocket League i did some 2v2, 3v3, i did a game of hoop and the hocket one too (i liked the hockey) i also found an interesting thing, this game is alot more fun when i'm playing people of my own skill level... or at least close to my skill know, cause i can actually do something and i'm not sat there feeling like i'm not needed... but thats beside the point... i also did the power up "wtf just happened" game mode.... that actually was a shit ton of fun and i'll be playing that with the good guy gamers when it next comes up... maybe... problably not.

i played afew hour before then going to overwatch... for clarity, i've not played overwatch in at least 2 months, maybe more. i completely missed the halloween event. yes, i sucked at playing, but i had much more fun, sometimes you just need toleave a game for awhile if your not having fun, and now i can paly and enjoy it again so i'll probably play over watch abit more now.

also got a donation of $20 from one BeepBep...which was cool, alert didn't work right away but i fixed it....this was the first and only donation i got (which is 100% more than i expected to get so i'm still happy) i may have gotten more but you'll see why not later (you know, unknown and stuff, you never know what i'd have gotten)

anyway after overwatch was Stardew Valley, yet another game i've not played for awhile so some things were new to me, like the choice of farm style, i went for the river because i liked fishing in the game, and i went for about 19 game days, pretty laid back, nothing overly fact i got abit bored and sleepy so changed over to a game with abit more action to wake me up alittle... before that i had a dog on Extra Life Farm....named Emma... in honor of the only donator i had.

by this time i'd been going about 11 hours, had afew breaks but it was at this time i played a game i play alot right now (for reasons i'll save for another post because surprises) and a game i streamed afew times already.... World of Warships....

at this point, things start going south for a number of reasons. the first is, sleepy, so i made some poor life choices and often got my ass handed to me, one game had an ashole telling the other team where our carrier was. nothing overly bad until i noticed a problem with the stream itself something i was aware of but didn't fix before streaming.

long story short, my setting were using too much of my graphics card which mean tthe cpu had to do some to compensate, the cpu does all the streaming, basically i was dropping frames left and right which is fine on shorter streams but on longer streams it builds up, so by the time i went back to stardew, the stream was about 1min behind, this is made worse avery game change.

17 hours in though, playing stardew..... computer shuts off.... i'm tired at this point and it won't turn on... not even alittle bit...

and this point i'm not sure what happened but while trying to get it to work i must have sucomed to the effect of no sleep and passed out.

fast forward to 9:15pm on the 6th as i wake up, cables everywhere, laying on the floor, i realize the cause of the problem...

the plugs to all my equipment is located under my desk... the same place my feet tend to go while playing. off the 6 plugs, 4 where loose (2 of them were for my monitors) and the 5ht was out completely.... that 5th plug went to my computer tower... so... yea.

so there it is, over all, good time and for the first time of it it went well and i know some things for the future.

1. move the fucking plugs away from my feet.

2. settings of games need to be improved to avoid the dropped frames and stream dropping behind (normaly it about 12seconds, after 4 hour on WoWs it can go to around 17 seconds. at about 100.000 frames that makes for a 60 second delay)

3. be alittle more active in promoting the stream, i only have 20 followers so most people that came in over the space of the 17hours had either found it through the few people the retweeted my tweet or had been looking for extralife streams and came across it randomly.

so there we are, not the greatest result but something to improve on next time... and yes, there will 100% be a next time.