With winter around the corner it is time to start thinking about moving from the park into the gym...or just home in the couch. This means movies and video games. I don't have a huge selection of modern franchise games but I really am looking to pick a controller up and play some old, some new.

I have some of you on my Xbox Live friends list but not sure how many. I only have this consle...oh and the Wii U I never touch. Either way if you you play Xbox and have some free time (especially weeknights) let me know. Spare me the other console or PC argument while you are at it too. 

Not sure how many of you actual use the site but I currently am tired of Facebook so trying this for a change.

What else is new with me?

Well, I am backing off promoting concerts for a bit. I have a show with the Tossers this Friday but is my last scheduled for 2016. 

I recently picked up playing D&D on Sunday nights and enjoying that too. I somewhat want to DM my own but I don't have the knowledge or resources just yet. It is fun though and I have become a fan of Critical Role in addition since that show is what I used to get a feel for the game going in.

Not much else other than that. just working. You know. My life is like a butterknife...dull.