It's been 9 days since surgery, and recovery is going well. Slower than I would like, but well.  I filmed off and on at various stages, but am also going to film a bit now that I'm coherent to recap more details about the surgery itself and other things I obviously couldn't film. If you have any questions about this part of the adventure, please let me know! I'm hoping to get that up sometime next week. Rumor has it you may get a LoZelda and LoMom coloring stream sometime next week too...maybe  two_hearts

In the meantime, I've had videos going up pretty regularly. Unfortunately I have two stuck in Content ID limbo, so I will have a little bit of a gap coming up. I've also had videos go up on other channels, so if you're missed hearing my sarcasm, you've got a couple places you can go for your dose! I've linked them all below to make it easy for you too!

RT Secret Santa has also launched for 2016! I apologize for getting it going a little later than normal, but I hope you understand I was a little preoccupied with the whole cancer thing. Sign ups are open through November 24, so there's still plenty of time to get in on some sweet community action! Yes I purposely made that sound sexual.

First up for videos: I represented the Lions in Madden 2016 against @MrWartburg's Vikings!

Next, I did my best Lindsay Jones impression and took on the role of Ruby in a Team RNJR adventure with The Occasional Gamers (@IAmAaron, @iamGrimm, and Shawn (who doesn't have an RT profile apparently, silly man))!

In the non-gaming world, @LoLink and I completed our annual fall pilgrimage to the corn maze, where we get lost and then eat donuts!

LoLink isn't a big gamer, so when he actually likes a game I take notice. He discovered a new favorite thanks to Funhaus, and was very insistent I give it a shot. Here's how that's gone so far!

Love you all!  purple_heart purple_heart purple_heart