To Jack, Caiti, the awesome & badass broadcast crew, Chelsea, Barbara, GameAttack, Funhaus, #2Spooky Crew, & everyone in between: thank YOU! This year I managed 20-ish hours, & those 20 hours were the absolute best I've had all year! I don't think an hour went by where I didn't have a good, hard laugh. It was pretty cool getting a shout out from Caiti, Jack, & co. at the start of the stream when I donated $500.

Everything about this years stream was top notch, and even Notch himself made quite the appearances. The "Wheel of Destiny" challenges were crazy, but amazing! And everyone brought their own spin to the stream. What I'll remember most are all the "Wheel of Destiny" challenges as well as Michael's announcement. Hope the new owner loves the wheel! The return of Rob Boss and #2Spooky were phenomenal as always. RT Games stepped big! GameAttack brought their A+ game. The Improv portion with Shannon, Jen Brown & Co. was magical and such a joy to watch. Seriously, everyone that I've watched this year kicked so much ass! Like the years before, RT Extra Life has reminded me why I love not only the wonderful group of people who work at Rooster Teeth, but why I'm proud to be a member of this awesome community. Y'all seriously stepped up to the challenge and knocked it out of the park with 2016. 

Being born with Spina Bifida and spending basically your childhood in a hospital makes events like RT Extra Life a little bit more special (for me). So to help out and give back is a no brainer. I will continue to be a part of RT Extra Life for as long as there is one to be done! 

So again, thank you Jack, Caiti, broadcast, Barbara and everyone at Rooster Teeth for creating another memorable RT Extra Life experience. And again, I can never thank RT Broadcast enough for their dedication to a smooth and fantastic stream. As usual y'all kicked ass and made that stream what it is. I love you all in broadcast. 

This year is one I won't forget. I can not wait to see what you guys will do for 2017. You all are seriously the absolute best and I can never thank you enough for all the laughs and entertainment you've given me. THANK YOU ROOSTER TEETH FAMILY! <3 

Daniel "Wheelz08" Starrett