Hello and good day all!

As we reach the end of the year, we don't have too much planned. Be sure to spend time with your friends and family this season and know that RT Florida is here!

We had a RWBY Game Night the other night and managed to bring up all the feels. We're hoping to have more PC game nights in the future so please look out for those and let us know what games you would like to play.

Tomorrow is Rt Community Day. Be sure to tag us on some sort of social media showing your RT pride. We love seeing what you guys do for the community and company! Tomorrow is also a Community Game Night. Join us online as we play Rocket League (that means PC players can join in too!), then we'll switch over to GTA V on the Xbox One. Join us for some fun!


An event was finally created for all of you down in South Florida. Join us (and our new admin @djcrusader) for some coffee shop fun! Get to know the members in your area and gossip about "wow, it only took these guys a year to finally get an event down here!" You can find more details here:


A short plug too, don't forget about the Holiday Party we have at the beginning of December. Be sure to ask off for work now!


Find us in other places on the web:





The RT Florida Crew