Since playing the Minecraft game for extra life i had a couple questions both on stream and off about it and the surrounding area.

As said in the Minecraft Quiz at the begining of the stream by Kel i've been known to be one of the biggest builders in the group.

so below is a list of facts about some of the builds ive done first, some may know these already, some may be new to you, so here we go.

1. Prison Run is the first build i did on the server and was originally build on the 360 but was never used. it was later copied block for block on the pc server and was the first actual lets play i was apart of on the pc.

2. everyone knows about Remnant Castle, it also well known to be my fav build of all. currently it is being rebuilt to be bigger and more interesting, however there are 5 copies of the original spread out over the server, all in varing forms depending on what they are being used for. what people may not know however is that there are 3 other sites i originally planned on building a castle at before settling on the one everyone has seen.

3. Skee Ball is the smallest build i've done, i watched the AH video of it and copied it exactly right after as a break from building remnant castle, it took 4 hours to build, then another 4 hours and the help of at least 4 people to actually get it to work.

4. Bombing Run was the first build using world edit, it took 20mins to build. it only been played once and i had internet issues and couldn't join in, i'm yet to see people playing it.

5. My Gtown house has been rebuilt 6 times, though the sign only says 4

6. There is a lets play somewhere on the server that i almost finished, but i since lost its location and can no longer find it.

7. the original remnant castle was built using no commands at all, since at the time i didn't have them, 5 other people helped me building and decorating,  even so it took over 150 hours to build, not including the help.

8. the crystal arena used in last years extra life started as one of the 3 sites of remnant castle before being abandoned, it was later built up specifically for the stream.

that all i'll be saying on the other stuff for the time being, so how about the area around this years extra life game? well here:

1. Its called Good Game City, or GGC for short

2. it is the 2nd largest build i have done, it also not finished.

3. the tower that the portal in my house basement leads to has been rebuilt 4 times, the one everyone saw was built 4 days before the event.

4. the city currently has the following: Docks, complete with a dry dock, International Airport, Naval Base and the beginings of an aircraft carrier, motel, incomplete shopping center, inner city train station, and obviously, the school.

5. construction of the city started almost a year ago, it was one of 4 sites i lost the locations of, so the current city was started roughly 8 months ago, the original site is still out there somewhere and i spent a full 2 weeks looking for it before starting again.

6. the city is the longerst running build project i have on the server, and although its only the 2nd largest (and growing) it is the site of the most building, the largest build was mostly done with copy and paste of mine and other peoples original lates plays.

7. this city is also built right next to the 3rd location that was going to be remnant castle, the frame work of which is still there and will likely become part of the city in the future.

8. when i originally found the area i have placed a marble on my W key and left to get a drink, and didn't come back for sometime, when i came back and decided on the area i was about 95,000 blocks from Gtown on both the X and Y axis. it is the furthest build from GTown on the server as far as i am aware.

Now the school:

1. the school was originally built next to Heist, i decided shortly after that it would fit in at the city more and copied it over, however a server crash meant i had to start again.

2. the school actually has a name "Yokosuka Academy", "Yokosuka" was taken from the anime "Appeggio of Blue Steel: ARS Nova" in which the port of Yokosuke becomes the location for the Kongo Class based Battleship "Kirishima"'s introduction (as well as other events). Kirishima is my fav character of the show.

3. the school and game was based heavily on Japanese anime, most notably "Asassination Classroom", "Clannad" and "A Certain Scientific Railgun" <- that last one gave the school half it name, as the location is "Academy City"

4. The schools outer looks was based on the currently indevelopment game "Yandere Simulator" which i've been following for some time, this game was also one of the main reasons this was thought up and played a large part in the game itself.

5. it was decided the the number of rooms in the school would make finding people difficult, so most of them got blocked off.

6. the school grounds and the swimming pool/sports hall were not going to be completed in time for the stream, so i found a blueprint online for an excavator design and made the ground look like a construction site as best i could, i later had problems and wasn't able to finish this change in time but it was enough.

7. now the game has been finished, the contruction aspects have now been removed, i changed the color theme of one excavator and put in in my gtown houses front yard as a reminder.

8. the roof of the school was originally completely wood, when i found out what the texture pack was going to be for the stream much of this roof was replaced with daylight sensors, which looks like solar pannels in the texture pack.

so there you go, might be interesting to some of you, hopefully you found something new out, i don't know, if you wanna ask questions then you are welcome to do so, but before you do, here are 2 extra facts before i go.

1. The School and GGC will be visited again in the future as it will be used for my King Lets Play

2. until now the GGC was only known be a select few people, however there are 3 builds that are completely unknown to all except myself, i don't even have them on my home list so the mods and admins can't find it, just in case. 1 of them is almost ready to play.