Hi All

So thought i'd post a generic life update type of journal as much has been happening in my life, so here goes:

So in August this year i hit my 1 year anniversary of marriage with my lovely wife, you can see in my profile picture, and I couldn't be happier. It's cliche but I can't imagine not being married to her now, we have been together as a couple for 6 years! Also we are seriously considering starting our own family now, which is great  tucker 

My work life has been pretty hectic with the fire we had in the warehouses next to ours  (journal here about that) but as of today we are officially back to nearly 100% service again, it has been a stressful time let me tell you. So stressful that now we are back to normal the whole stressful thing caught up with me, my adrenaline (i guess???) dropped and hit me with a really bad cold that put me off work for 3 days!

Outside of work I am keeping super busy, my Youtube recording is done almost weekly. I now have such a backlog of recorded videos that i will easily be able to keep posting until Xmas without the need to record more, I won't stop recording though the bugs just caught me, and on that if you haven't seen my channel, first why the hell not!!  secondly please check it out and give me a sub to help my algorithms, maybe there's something there you'll like  simmons  wink

On top of that i'm trying to stream more (unsuccessfully right now), my weight loss is plodding along (i'm holding at just under 20 stone) but given Xmas is coming up that may be interesting/difficult to maintain, we shall see and also participating more in the RT community.

Which brings me to the next bit and we may get soppy for a few minutes if you'll allow me....

...Good, I had the privilege and delight to host a short segment of the RTUK Extra Life Stream and also participated in 3 or so other segments, the RTUK guys all did a great job both helping me get it all setup and in general during the 24 hours, and we all managed to raise $1800 for Extra Life. 

This leads me to the soppy bit where i want to say that as i have only really been active in the community in general since June, I have met (and continue to meet) some amazing people and everyone has been so kind and generous with both their time and opinions. I have never felt so included in my life and frankly its bloody awesome....................you are all bloody awesome!  caboose

Apart from that i just carry on doing what i enjoy. Playing games with people, dabbling in my 2 games of D&D and working for a living until the day i win the lottery. I intend to actually attend a face to face meet with people soon if I can as well.

Anyway to finish i want to thankyou all because with all you guys i feel i have found some friends, even if its just playing Overwatch, GTA, Battlefield etc, playing some D&D (both games are with RT community groups) or having thought provoking (or even dumb haha) chats about stuff. Hope to see you all again soon.

HybridSquirrels Out x