As of this moment, registration for the community RT Secret Santa exchange is closed! Admins for each region are completing their information requests from anyone who signed up in the forum, so be sure you are on the lookout for that message and respond to it ASAP! If you signed up prior to the final day and have not heard from an admin, let us know here in a comment immediately so we can get that sorted. We will begin making matches as soon as we can, and will have that out to you absolutely no later than November 30 (that's our drop dead date; we usually have it done faster than that  smile)

Myself and the rest of the team would like to sincerely thank all of the community leaders who jumped in to help spread the word. Visibility has been a major hindrance since the site rollover last year, and thanks to you guys and the last minute rush of people to join in we are at the same level of participation we had last year at just around 200 registrants! Fingers crossed this continues to be a success and grows even more in future years  purple_heart