WHALEP. Yes, that was a whale pun. To start a journal entry. 

Okay. So a ton has changed in the last year, beginning with finding a part-time job, and then a full time one, and living on a cruise ship for 3 months at a time. That's where I currently am. I'm on a ship, a week from my vacation, and I'm on a blog kick. An anchor in the digital sea. I'm getting more involved in Reddit, here on the Community, and in a few different Forums. I think I'll be trying to post more here, and possibly make some kind of web content. I'll be working on my magical stuff, and a great deal of art things, cause this is something I want to do. While I'm working on this, I'll be at home, playing games, trying to stream, and do some lets plays.

I really need to do work on these things, and push myself to do it. Because I need to continue creating and writing and working. To push against my constant work.

I'll push myself to create, contribute in the communites, and to enjoy myself. To make some content, write in forums, talk with people, and spread the good vibes to all. Let the Good Times Roll, and whatever will be, will be.

I think it's time to get to work. ONWARD TO VICTORY!