Hi family,

Forgive the following, the following has been stolen from a conversation I placed myself in earlier today and feel very strongly about for some reason.

The reason is simple, for a lot of us, the future can be scary. I know I'm scared in more ways than one about more than one thing ranging everywhere to extremely personal to globally.  But when the darkness comes and threatens to swallow me whole with the endless tide of depression and worry and fear, Ive taken to fighting it in a different way. Reminding those around me that they're worth something to me, something to the world and something to those around them. 

There is so much a person goes through in life, so many difficult and terrible and wonderful things to unpack it gets difficult to want to keep reaching out and lifting those around you up, especially when you may feel as if you're getting crushed yourself. But if there is one thing I can say, do it.

Find a way to inspire yourself by working to inspire others. Kill hate with love. Smother pain with kindness. Spread joy and hope wherever you can. Trust that the world needs it just as much as you do.

Ok, I'm done rambling now. Here's an edited clip of what I wrote earlier.  Know that even if you don't think I'm speaking to you, I am. I really am. Especially if I don't know you yet.


I'll tell you the same thing I've been having to remind myself of lately. Success is mutable, not always measurable & can vary based on your perspective.

From here all I can see are very talented people with a high drive to change the world around them for the better. All of you, respectively, are passionate, generous and kind souled people. I, among others, are eternally grateful for your existence in this world.

While I can also say this about many other people in my life, as I'm sure you can too, the fact that these highly sought after qualities apply to you as an individual do not measure any less important or true because of the wealth of highly wonderful people you are surrounded by or that you help to inspire.

So despite my fairly brief time in interacting with all of you, and my long winded nature, let me remind you that you are beautiful and successful and I am proud of you and love you for all you have accomplished (known to me or not) and will accomplish in your life.