Hello, hello!

We hope everyone had a great weekend and recovered from that insane holiday party. What did you end up getting from the White Elephant (Fang) Exchange? Post a pic of your and your cool new swag! Alternatively, if you took some cool photos and videos, feel free to upload them here so we can use them in a video:


If you missed this last party however, fret not! We plan on having another in Gainesville this New Years Eve. Keep an eye out for now information soon!

In case no one was quite aware, tomorrow, December 13th, is our 1 year anniversary of the RT Florida group. We're gonna have something cheesy and special planned for you guys, so keep an eye out!

Shortly after that is RT Community Day! Show your pride and let us know why you love Rooster Teeth or RT Florida. Be sure to also join us for our Community Game Night with RT New York in some GTA V. Remember to be friendly all!


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The RT Florida Crew