Y'all, with how much of a dumpster fire 2016 was, we're thinking that 2017 can only get better. Right?

Let's hope so.

2016, while super shitty, brought a lot of personal growth for me. I finally started taking my depression and anxiety seriously, I got a new job with awesome health insurance (although my issues with this job could probably be a post in and of itself), and I've finally made actual friends here in Austin. 

When I left Corpus Christi, I knew that I was leaving behind a bunch of people I'd gotten to know over the previous 4 years. I started hanging out with them after my divorce and they became a group that I really came to know and love. I hung out with them more days than I didn't, and miss them something fierce. 

Moving to Austin left me a little lonely for a while. Granted, I knew I had Eric to be there with me, but I spent so many nights watching television while he was at class or out working that I knew I needed to do something in order to be social. After RTX, I went to a Rooster Teeth meetup at a bar in downtown Austin and met some really great people.

I didn't really start hanging out with the RTATX people until a couple of months later, when there was a chance to be in a live studio audience for a still-unreleased project put together by Rooster Teeth. We went to the tapings, hung out beforehand, and I eventually joined their little group of, as one of the guys likes to call it, "internet monsters". 

Through Extra Life (both the community stream and the official RT stream), more filmings, and our meetups, I've gained a group of friends who mean a ton to me. I'm so glad that I finally found my people here in Austin, and I look forward to what 2017 brings for RTATX.

Love you guys!