The Rooster Teeth community is cool and I love you all, but my Tiara Community is awesome and I need to gush about them for a minute.

When I started streaming and making videos, I was hopeful it'd eventually lead to a tight-knit community of people reminiscent of what the RT Community once was, albeit on a much smaller scale. It's been an interesting journey, but over time this amazing group of people became regular parts of my social circle, and regular parts of each others' circles. When I introduced the Discord server as a Patreon perk, I never imagined it'd become such a regular part of my day. It currently has 30 members and there's always activity no matter the time of day. We laugh, we support each other, we share our art, we discuss RWBY theories, we obsess over Stardew Valley. They've taken it a step further and have started organizing their own playdates to hang out together when I'm not streaming or setting up one myself. Like how cool is that?!

I just feel really grateful that I have a community of my own. At the very least, it means I'm doing something right with my life. But more importantly, I have a whole new family  two_hearts