As the title suggests, I have been considering making a Youtube video with myself in it. Ever since I really got into RT I had this ambition to make videos, but I didn't really have the means to start. I found a free video editing program that will work with my Acer laptop and I have a GoPro camera.

Now all I need is the courage to make a video, edit it, and post it to my channel.

I already posted one back in September, but it was uncut and just a direct upload straight to Youtube. If anyone reading this goes to my channel you'll see and Intro video featuring myself and a bunch of gameplays from the past 3 years.

As far as ideas for a video, im thinking of doing something in the form of a monologue/open discussion forum where I'd ask viewers to draw their own conclusions about what was discussed.

Anyone that has ideas or can help me out with how to get started on editing, I would appreciate any advice or tips you'd throw my way.

Just in case my Twitter handle is @GreenBull92 on my profile page there is a link to the intro video I mentioned earlier.

Thanks for stopping by Rooster Peeps!  benson