Hello all I realised I haven't made a journal post in quite sometime and have been added by a few people since then. So I figured I'll reintroduce myself. Please comment about yourself so we can get to know each other better  blush

Hi I'm James McGregor, I go by the online handles iSayWhat (duh) but more commonly now JimityJamity. Been a fan of RT since about 2008 watching the majority of their content. These days I mainly watch The Know, RWBY, RT Podcast, Off-Topic, the occasional Let's Play and whatever live action series is going (Immersion, Day 5, Little Roosters). But the most RT/LP content I watch is over on the community channel... Because that's my job now.

I've been making community videos since October 2011, I quickly became known as the person who makes weird videos. Find a few of them here. The community is my favourite part of RT, so many awesome people with so much talent. They're what made me want to attend RTX in 2012 and continue attending each year (except last year). Since 2013 I've helped organise the Community Hunter panel and despite not being there helped with LPC panel last year.

Of course being on here I love gaming, my favourite game is a cross between Pikmin and Paper Mario, any chilled game is great (like The Sims). But I do love more fast paced games like Halo and CoD. My friend Dan and me created a series called Plot Twist, which makes me play games from all over the place. As well as gaming anything creative is awesome, art, crafts, music, animation, I'll give it all a shot and respect everyone does.

Anyway that's a little brief about me, if you want to know anything else ask in the questions section or in comments, but I want the comments to get to know you. If I already know you, hey reintroduce yourself as well  donut

- James