When Ten Little Roosters happened, I got super into it. I love mysteries and puzzles. My mom and I used to watch mystery shows and share mystery novels all the time. TLR was right up my alley, and while ultimately I made mistakes during the run I had a ton of fun dissecting it. I took it a step further and made a series of analysis videos for each episode to show my process and talk about my choices (except for the final episode, since there was no mystery to solve at that point).

After ELR was announced, a few people asked me if I'd do the same thing. Without knowing the format of the new season, I said I hoped to do the same thing but we'd have to see. Now that it's underway, it's looking like the answer is probably no. I wanted to do them again, but since the files are going to be revealed each week rather than at the end of the season and I wouldn't want to put the videos out until submissions close I'm not sure there's much of a point. Add to that the fact that I'm currently in the middle of traveling and can't make a vid for episode 1 in a reasonable time frame (don't worry, I did complete that episode and submit my answer!), and I'm not seeing it happen.

Oh well! I'm still fully invested in ELR even if I'm not doing the videos like I did last time. I was skeptical at first when the new format was announced, but I'm loving it already. It was a little awkward going into the first episode not really understanding what to expect the Haywood Files to look like (physical files? just a code name for typical clues?), but once it was obvious what we were looking for I fell right back into the analytical routine. It took about 2 hours to crack everything, and some of that was struggling with technology (something I needed did NOT want to work on my laptop or my phone). I cannot wait for the new episode this afternoon!

How did you do on the first round?