I was talking to some people in the brazilian group of RWBY in the facebook, and i noticed that there's a lot of people fearing for Ren and Nora since Dishwasher, a famous artist for his RWBY fan arts (that by the way are awesome), posted a fan art where "The Nuckleave" killed both Ren and Nora in very cruel and visual ways. Thing is, they claimed that Dishwasher "predicted" that Qrow would be poisoned by Tyrian. 
Of course, trying to be realist, i showed to all of these people, that he didnt "predict" anything and that if he did, he was another one of the lots of people that predicted such thing, here in the forums, on Reddit, or in any other placed RWBY is Discussed. Its just that he placed such guess in his art, and that is perfectly fine.

I find very interesting that people are worried for Ren and Nora, even more after what happened with Pyrrha. I cant forget either the people that used to say "Pyrrha was based on Achilles so she must die", because i can already see those people using the same argument for Ren, Nora and Jaune, since they're based in characters and figures that die in their stories and legends. 

I dont need to say how much that is bs, so, ill just jump to what i want to write about.

I dont actually think fans of Ren and Nora should be afraid for them, right now. They just have showed their backgrounds, and there's still have stuff to show about Nora.
I like Ren and Nora (Nora the most), and im very confident they are in safe places right now (not literally i mean).

Still, there is one character that im afraid he can die this season, and the worse part is that he is one of the favorites of the whole fandom, Qrow Branwen.

Our favorite druncle is actually in danger, since:

He is poisoned

is as a pokemon, out of battle

is hurt and bleeding

aaaaand having past delusions.

His status, at least for me, is one of someone that can not fight, and will not be able to do for a long period of time.

The new grimm seems to be heading towards the village where Ruby and Jaune are right now with Qrow, and well, even recognising that Ruby is strong (Silver eyes and all that stuff) and that Jaune can have a powerful secret semblance, BUUUUUUT, seriously, they are not able to stop that one, unless Ruby finally unlocks her silver eyes, which seems to only activate during very powerful emotional stress (this is speculation, ok? ok).

Ren and Nora are heading their way to them, but, i dont believe they are going to reach them fast, and even if they do, that Grimm seems more inteligent than the others, not to mention that there could be more he could summon or appear (assuming that he could do as Kevin did).

Qrow is the protector of Ruby, her guardian, Her master. He would do anything to keep her safe, but in his actual situation, he would be damned if he was forced to fight.

Probably, he would die, and being very optmistic, he would be much more hurt.

I believe that he could die and that would be useful dor the story  in the actual situation of the plot, because he is the master archetype character for the main protagonist. His death, as well as the deaths of other masters such as Jiraya (Naruto), Obi-wan (Star Wars), Qui-Gon jin (Star Wars), would lead Ruby to her final Maturing moment, and turn her into an "adult". What im trying to say is that, I gues that If Qrow end up dying to save Ruby, this could end up unleashing Ruby silver eyes for once and then she would train such skill in the upcoming volumes.

I want to say that im against killing of character for no reasons of if there is a possibility of escape, its just that i can not see how things could end with out a deus Ex machina or a very crazy explanation that could feel bad.

(after re-thinking, i guess Raven could save Him using the argument of Helping Ruby instead of Qrow, if she had already helped him before imean)

After all, this is just a guess.