Hello, hello!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and fun-filled weekend. If you haven't heard the news, Tyler Coe was kind enough to join us for our event last Thursday. Check it out!


The Million Dollars, But... game nights went fantastic. We held three across the state and one online for everyone anywhere to watch. Don't forget, if you took footage of your event to upload them to the Google Drive folder here so it can be used in an RT World project. You can always watch the archived broadcast from the stream on Twitch or YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, we released the first part of our 2016 Extra Life highlights videos. You can see it below!

Do you plan on going to PAX East this year? Want to hang out with a bunch of cool Rooster Teeth fans after the event? Join a collaboration between RT World and RTNY (yes, we still love them despite the incident) with pizza and snacks! Find more details, including where to buy tickets in the post here:


Find us in other places on the web:






The RT Florida Crew