So, saturday is coming, and the last episode of RWBY volume 4 will be released.

I've seen many people scared and afraid about what can happen in this episode, since we just have RNJR and Qrow to fight The nuckleave and because of what happened in the end of volume 3, that surprisingly still resonates until nowadays.

EP 11, showed that out heroines of team RWBY are moving on their way to Mistral, which will be the turning point for the next events in Remnant.

Adam and his zelots are in Mistral, probably working with Salem in a new plan of destroying the next school, Haven.

Winter is on ground, getting intel for Ironwood.

And Raven is there, doing her own business.

Im not going to say there is no reason to fear, because RT has the fame of being non predictable, and that means that they have an ace of spades hidden somewhere.

I find very intriguing that, Volume 4 was indeed...curious.

In comparison to the other volumes, this was by far the most slow but still, lore telling of all.
You can see that more clearly if you take all the episodes as one.

This remembers me of how volume 1, 2 and 3 were built up.

In 1, we were presented to the universe, to the characters, and their actions discovering troubles in their world.

In 2, were saw how they decided to act, and how they were immature in regards to the whole situation, and that there was much more to happen.

In 3, we saw their fall, a closure of events in the worse scenario ever. Beacon destroyed, Bonds severed, friends died. Almost too much stuff handle.

Now in 4, we saw a restart, a new beginning, where all of our heros were learning to deal with new things and they were shown a harsh truth that lied beyond Beacon's walls.

I guess this volume, have chances to finish with a high degree of climax, but, that'll depend on how thing will follow.
In many places around the internet, were RWBY is discussed, we can find people:

- Hoping that JN_R die

- Hoping they dont die

- Hoping Raven will save the day

- Hoping the silvereyes make the difference

- Fearing that Qrow will try to protect Ruby in his actual state, and that this will be his damnation.

And there's more assumptions, This 5 are just the most common, or a simplification of the great ammount of other guesses i found here in the forums, in Facebook groups and other places.

I have already said which is mine, so im not going to speak about it.

Im very eager to see what will happen and things will follow after this volume ends.

I believe that volume 5, will be like volume 2 were, a season were the heroes will take steps further, with more action and discoveries.

I hope we'll see how RWBY will deal with the regroup, and for the love of god, i want to see it, with the emotion that a situation likes truly have.

They kinda avoided showing emotion in regards to Pyrrhas loss and probably the only momment that they touched the subject was in the Dreams that Ruby had, and Jaune's training.

There's still a hint to a possible grimm Pyrrha by the way, but...well, i dont know.

Volume 4 so far has been cool in the best case, and interesting in the worse one,
and i hope that it gets a good closure.