Life update: PC got rekt yet again. Finally took it to an actual repair shop rather than tackling it myself. Set back a week on commissions because of it. Unfortunate but it happens.

This semester is looking insane as I'll be doing my senior project.Basically I'm doing a full on corporate branding based off of the designs I've been screen printing. Everything from business cards to a website. 16 week grind commences. 

Work has been picking up and I find myself bouncing between 6-8 projects a day. It's nice to see that I can handle all of it now when it all looked like a complete shit storm 3 months ago. And I restate that the place I'm at has been nothing but an amazing adventure. I actually get sad times when I leave work because I do enjoy my time there so much.

I've played some Resident Evil 7 and I seriously enjoyed it. Had Rohwen and me both screaming at the TV within the first 30 minutes. Need to pick that up and play that on my one day during the week where I fuck off from everything. 

Guess that's it. Hope you're all doing well and kicking ass. Keep up the PMA.