SALUTATIONS DUDES...And ladys, my pleasure ( jauneSexy ladys man voice tone).

Today im here to bring you some pics i took back during 2016 in some events, of RWBY cosplayers.
I know that maybe this will sound very random, but, i guess i should post this here, because Brazil have fans of RWBY and a lot of these fans make an incredibly good work.
Since i first watched RWBY, i started to search for RWBY cosplayers, but until 2016, i've never had the luck to find one. BUT NOW I've FOUND THEMSIJDHSJDHSD

Well, lets start with the main characters ones.

7Vyjj4v.jpgduring July 2016, i went to Anime Friends 2016 (Brazilian anime event), and well, the event was pretty lame since the day i went didnt had cool things to see unless the basic of events, like stores, video game stands, expositions, and of course Cosplayers to take pics.
Unfortunately, i dont know the names of these two, but both of them had incredible costumes.
What called my attention mostly was their weapons, and Weiss's hair too, because it was convincing from close looking. OH, btw, that strange guy in between whiterose is me....notahandsomeguyiknow.

As i continued walking the event, i was already accepting that i would only find these two, since they were two of the protagonists.


I need to say that her entire costume, was actually made of velvet, and i cant forget how much of a nice person she was. I forgot to ask her name though...but we talked for a while and dudes, she told me another character was walking through the crowds.

no...not you bro....

OK, let me take the line of thought back...

His name is!


His real name is Amir, and he is a very cool guy by the way. Back at that time, VOL 3 last episode was still a thing and everyone was like "OMG NOOOOOO" about Pyrrha's death and then we disscussed about it for a while.

After the event ended, i came back home wondering if i would find other cosplayers of RWBY to add to my photo collection. In october, i met a Girl named Chibi (nicknamed btw) who was cosplaying Ruby, during the BGS Brasil Game Show and unfortunately, i was out of battery with my phone to take pictures with/of her, but, i asked for her FB page, and there i started to talk with her about a lot of stuff. In december 16, she posted in her page that she was going to another event in december 18, named "Ressaca friends" which was organized by the same staff that made Anime Friends (ressaca, in a litteral translation means Hangover. The name of the event is trying to say something like "if youre with a hangover of anime but still want to keep...drinking...anime...come to the event :D...i guess).

I went to the event alone, and there, i started to search for her because she was not alone...she was with the diva, the man's lady, the over powered...YANG XIAO WAIFU LONG.


Chibi is Ruby and Lolly is Yang.

Once i saw them there, i was Like...."QAIDHOIADO HEEEEEYYYYY I WANT A PICTURE OF YOU" And they came close and we started to talk about RWBY and other stuff, and well, since i already knew Chibi, i saw that Lolly was a very nice girl! 


Forget this text up here...or you can un-backward it...

Thing is, they were not alone, with them, i still got...FfS9lGp.jpg

Daniel (Sun) and Renan ( Neptune)
They are very cool too, not to mention that they have a very alike friendship of Neptune and Sun. They are dorks too lmao.

Since they were one of the greatest group of "same anime" cosplayers in the event, they were like running wild throught the whole place.


Oh! I forgot to mention that i have met an Adam too, his name is Marcos, and he is a cosplay  prop maker, he makes weapons and other pieces of things that are used in cosplay. He is very talented by the way! Unfortunately, his cosplay was not finished and he was forced to improvise his Adam Attire.
In this pic, we can see, Ruby, Yang, Sun, Neptune, Adam and...a Deadpool(?) Owning the Wrestling ring after beating up the guys that were making a show there. Yang here is tottally like "YO DUDES, WHOS NEXT TO GET THE ASS KICKED?"

As the event went, through, i kept walking with them, and we kept talking and discussing things about RWBY, and surprisingly, we ended up being friends. The ones i have more contact with is Chibi (Ruby) and Lolly (Yang). Later we added to our Group a girl thats going to do Volume 4 Weiss, and coincidentially, her name is Barbara...yea, pretty confusing i know.

So, from now on, i'll just keep posting more pics i took in the event.


Yang's like "i can not be blamed for being awesome"

Me and Sun trying to look least i am trying lol.



They are going to kill me....but is worth it.

Oh wait, Yang wants to say something.




interrupting Yang's Pokemon Go hunt. She punched me for it

Yang being the waifu material that she is.


Another Awkward picture with the smexy participation of mine person...and Wait, Sun you damn punk!

So, this post is just a tribute to them. They are very tresured pepole for me and i like them a lot.

All of them are incredible people and im lucky to have them as friends.