I'm annoyed on the inside. A character who had been with me from the start of my first Fire Emblem Awakening play through (Fates Conquest and Revelation being the first Fire Emblem games I played) died this morning. I had almost made it through Priam's chapter having played the whole game on Classic Normal. Then, Walhart died (an extra character who is not really needed and who I would not have been annoyed with loosing [getting Priam for the price of Walhart did not seem too bad to me so I was not going to soft reset when I was playing so well and my characters were doing so well teaming up with each other]. Lon'qu was doing amazing taking on General's in his Swordmaster classing and his vantage ability activating. Not to mention the nice teamwork going on between him and Flavia. Then, he get's freaking killed, after I take out Priam from the battlefield so he will join me once the chapter is completed. I normally would have soft reset by going back to the title screen, exiting out of the game, and reloading to start the chapter over again from my last save, but this time I did not. I am at the beginning of the game and the very next chapter I complete with be the endgame chapter. Since I plan on replaying the game, I did not soft reset. Instead, I will remember how it feels to loose a very cool warrior due to war. I will then destroy Grimma (the main villain)! Lon'qu will be avenged even though Grimma was not the killer of Lon'qu. Everything is Grimma's fault. This is my conclusion both to this journal entry and this thought. Thanks for reading!

Do you have a video game rage moment?