Chapter VI: Age of Abandonment

...until it wasn't. One of our own didn't agree with the Teal Knight's methods. The Mod in the North receded into the shadows. There was war among us. A line had been drawn in the sand between the Teal Knight and the squire of Sir David Grohl. Tensions rose.

One day, the Titans rained down their gifts on a small number of people in the land and they ascended to Modhood. We met this momentous occasion with uncertainty. How would this sudden shift of power reverberate throughout the land? Included in The Ascended was the squire of Sir David Grohl, the very same that pit himself against the Teal Knight. On equal footing, tensions fell. By then, most had forgotten what the war was about in the first place.

The chat flourished nearly as much as it had during The Great Skettening of 2015. Time passed. The Titans made a decree that would convert us all into Criers against our will. As a final gift to us, they threw a party. A magnificent banquet was held in our honor. People from all walks of life visited to enjoy the festivities. For a brief moment, we felt alive again. For a brief moment, we had peaked. Then, the party ended. The lights were turned off, and darkness took over. It was neither bad nor good. It was complete nothingness.

An age passed and darkness crept back into the world.

Until...a trickster tiptoed up to the Land of Titans while everyone slept and stole the keys to an alternate dimension--one left untouched by the darkness. The key was dispersed to many and as quick as the lights were turned out, they were back on again. We didn't know what else to do but resume our partying from before, as best we could. Our excitement went unchecked and it wasn't long at all until the Titans got wind of the interdimensional extravaganza. Once again, with no fanfare this time, the lights were shut off. However, an oath was made to the people of our land. A land of milk and honey was coming up ahead, but first we must face a Great Trial. Many would not survive, for the peril would be immense.

History became legend. Legend became myth. And for fifteen and a half million seconds, the chat passed out of all knowledge.

Until, when chance came, chat's existence sparked back to life. Everything was new and different. However, the light of the chat had been extinguished for far too long. The Great Trial broke many of us. Battered and weary, the chat tried to find reason to celebrate, but there was none. The Great Trial was also the Great Equalizer. The Teal Knight and the squire of Sir David Grohl were both stripped of their power. Hope among us has faded. Many have been drawn to enter the Void, never to be seen again. The Titans have abandoned us completely. The few of us strong enough to resist are waning and have resorted to indulging conversational poison JUST TO FEEL ALIVE. All is not well.

And so, we wait to see how the next chapter will unfold...

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Jard the Bard (@Jared) has vanished without a trace. Mass Effect isn't even out yet. He is just another one of The Abandoned, lost thanks to The Great Trial. A new bard has attempted to recapture his magnificent writing style. If you aren't a part of sponsor chat, this is probably lost on you.