Remember 3 months ago when i talks about Warship Warriors? well just scroll down to fine the essay on it.

i'll keep this one much shorter so here is the completion list:

World - 100%

World's history - 90% 

Faction info - 95%

Main Characters - 99%

Support Characters - 100%

Major Events - 80%

Story - 100%

Random Info - 100%

basically i'm at the point where i can take everything i got so far and start writing the 2 scripts i'll need to make the show.

both will have all the dialog of the show, but one will be just for me and will tell em how each shot will play out, the 2nd is what the voice actors will get and have the way things are said instead.

the general plan here is to get the scrit made and the voice acting done, then the real reording starts.

My plan is to have most of this done by the end of the year. but what i plan and what takes place are 2 very different things, so who knows.

main thing, having never done somthing so complex or in depth, i'm proud of myself.