The end of my freshman year of college is fast approaching kinda of crazy that it's so close to being done (and the fact that I survived). It's been great and I love the university I'm at, my volleyball team, and now my new sorority sisters in Chi Omega. 

However with the summer closing in, I have to start thinking about summer jobs as well. Last year, I was a hostess at a bar that is close to an outdoor concert facility (so you can only image the nightmare that was) and it paid pretty well. 

But now I'm starting to look into internships that are in Cleveland that pertain to my two majors: broadcasting and digital media. 


I've cried over my lack of a resume, cringed at my cover letters and trying to sell my "skills", and thought about quitting the applications more than twice a day. I keep telling myself that this can only help me in the long run since if I don't get one of the internships, I'll just go back to hostessing. I just need to remember to take a deep breath and relax. This is my first summer out of college and I have plenty of time. But DAMN does my anxiety like to think otherwise.

Anyway, the whole point of this was to ask for advice SO if anyone has any helpful advice it would be greatly appreciated. any advice is helpful at this point. And if you don't, have advice don't worry! Good vibes is always helpful as well!