I hate throwing things away, even if they're broken/used up/damaged/ etc. Five bags of garbage left my room filled with things I begrudgingly removed from my living space. 

I collect things that don't correlate, like Shot Glasses and Pop Vinyl Figures, no connection yet I have them in mass amounts. I Have ten more shot glasses than Pop Dolls, I have 37 Shot glasses and only 27 pop dolls. I also have over 200 books which have been moved to a different room for ease. 

I use cleaning as a form of procrastinating. I should have been editing, but instead I changed the configuration of my work space to prompt productivity, despite using at as a means to procrastinate projects. 

I have way too many pillows. I have three feather pillows, four regular pillows and one body pillow, all of which fit on my twin sized mattress. I took two of the regular and feather pillows out, hopefully that helps with sleeping which will help with being productive.

Will I actually be productive after all this? Probably not, but we'll see. 

Until Next Time

 - Socks