A long time ago, @KevinClayton had the brilliant idea to start hoarding screenshots of people posting botched links in sponsor chat. It was glorious and my favorite thing ever. Despite it only displaying a very narrow scope of the chat, it did an excellent job of jogging the memory of anyone that's ever been in there for a good length of time. He didn't want to keep doing it, so I took up the mantle and posted a second volume of fails, and continued the tradition of passing on the torch to someone else. The third entry was put together by none other than @jpps, who even caught adam failing! After that, @niall wrote a fourth entry! I even failed twice in one screenshot in that one... -_- @AnarchyFire put together a fifth entry, where he titled it "Original 48" and then proceeded to post 47 screenshots. 

I've been meaning to put together a single place to find all of the fails. Here they all are!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

A sixth entry was never put together, because now sponsor chat is really slick (a term I use loosely) and doesn't use img tags anymore. It's like we couldn't complete the second trilogy.

Yet...here we have our sixth entry at long last. Someone found a way to fail harder than any of the other previous fails. Maybe AnarchyFire can put it in his to make his numbers match up.

@Cinomari might be embarrassed, but I'm not posting this to shame her. It was incredible to witness. People make mistakes, and the beauty of the Fail Compendium is how it cherishes our imperfect humanity. And the profane reactions are pretty great too.

Her fail actually spanned 3 separate screenshots that I had to stitch together in Photoshop, that's how magnificent it was. Hopefully your mouse scroll-wheel is in top shape.




Good luck to anyone trying to top that! I would love a seventh edition of this series, but I would be surprised if someone could fail even harder.

Once again, if you aren’t a part of sponsor chat, this is probably lost on you. I’ll post something for you next time, I promise.