So i guess an update is in order! for those that care, im done with college for the moment! i got my associates degree, although i gotta hold off on getting a bachelors for.... reason i will not discuss.

As for other news i feel like i should take this free time to start something, though im not sure yet. thinking a you tube channel or perhaps start streaming. If i ever do any of that ill post it here, i been doing a lot of scripting for videos anyways.

Speaking of scripting, I have decided to stop being lazy and actually type down my dreams on actually making video games. I love writing down stories, characters, and lore so why not. Im contemplating on posting it or not simply because not only do i want backlash, but also im not sure if im comfortable on showing it off.

With that said, i bid you fellow reader, ado.

P.S i discovered ghost and i am a big fan now...