So a few months back I was in what I thought was my kind of 'happily ever after'. It kind of all came crashing down around me. Out of the blue my girlfriend got really distant almost like she was depressed. She stopped saying she loved me, wouldn't say good night back to me, she took hours to reply to anything and when she would it was with excuses. I sent this long cute message telling her how much I love her and my step daughter and that if something is bothering her or is wrong she can talk to me. Then she just left. She didn't give a reason, she just said it was over and that she still loved me and cared and that she wanted the best for me but that it wasn't her. I tried telling her she was best for me and that we should talk but she wouldn't answer calls or texts. Then she just deleted everything of us and blocked me on everything, Facebook, Xbox, Twitter, you name it. I have no idea what happened, I feel left behind and I am not okay. This woman I love abandoned me and part of what hurts the most is I was so invested in us. I was going to move to the other side of the US to live with her, we were talking about having a baby of our own. I treated her little one as my own and loved her so much. Now she is going to grow up without knowing who I am but I will always have memories of her.