Hey there, Rooster Teeth community. Today seems like an update kind of day.

The brief?

I'm about a month and a half from turning 24, currently in the second intermission of my college experience, which is just a fancy way of saying I dropped out again. Why did I do that? Well, to be honest, I got smart and realized how stupidly useless a degree in sociology was going to be and jumped ship while the lifeboat was still seaworthy. I'm still trying to figure out where the pieces should go now, and can't admit to being in any sort of rush. The next wagon would be just as indebting as the previous, and frankly, I dislike owing a five figure amount that seems hellbent on becoming six figures.

Today marks the start of my last month at a company I've been with for two years. I started in as a part-time front desk agent for a local hotel and steadily worked my way into full-time status as the guest services supervisor. I always knew hospitality wasn't my beat and figured I should move into something else now instead of continuing to slog away at something that brings me displeasure more often than not. Also, getting passed up for a promotion in favor of an outside hire while working for a company that markets themselves as "always promoting from within" leaves a bad taste in your mouth, so I'd rather not remain and let that simmer.

I'm still writing. Some days more than most, recently been in a dry spell while working through some stuff. I'd like to believe the method of emotional transference is the only therapy keeping me alive, but I'm also pretty sure that the constant swarm of ideas, the unending need to write them down and start plotting them out, are directly responsible for my inability to sleep more than three or four hours a night.

RTX 2017 is coming up. Due to recent personal developments, I'm finding myself less and less likely to attend just because of the stress I'd have in trying to juggle a ~10 day trip in the immediate future of having started at a new job, not to mention the stressors of planning and the day-to-day with the event. The decision's not set in stone, but for now it seems unlikely that I'll make the trip.

How have you all been?