Hello fellow Rooster Peeps! :D

About 2 weeks ago @Ooaul and myself started the a Pokemon related thread, its a place where anyone can come and chat about being the best like no one ever was! Mainly we just talk about trades and battling strategies.

But, one of our initial goals is to create our very own Pokemon League that people could challenge just like if you were challenging the league in one of the games. Think about how awesome it would be to say you battled a real Elite 4 (+ Champion) in REAL LIFE! 

However, with a lack of challengers to defend their titles from, the league doesn't really serve its own purpose. 

That's where YOU come in!

Yes! YOU, reading this right now!

We're asking anyone with a passion for Pokemon and a thirst for battle to come by and show your interest in challenging the League! I'll paste the link to the thread below. We are still in the planning stages of the League but you can still drop by and chat with your fellow PokeFans.

Thanks for reading, peace homies.  yang

OCC Pokemon League